Str. Stejerisului nr.11, Km 2 Drumul Poienii, Brașov
+40 268 415 575, +40735 404 169
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Str. Stejerisului nr.11, Km 2 Drumul Poienii

+40 268 415 575

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About us

Comfort at the top!


Because our experience over the years has taught us that you are the most important, we are inviting you to enjoy new experiences that will bring you exactly where our hotel is positioned, at the top!

The Belvedere complex, formed by the Grand Hotel Belvedere and the Belvedere Hotel, with a total capacity of 69 rooms, wants to bring to new heights the standards of elegance, comfort and professionalism.

As you’re already accustomed in Belvedere Hotel, the Grand Hotel Belvedere offers you superb panoramic views of both Brasov and the surrounding mountains.

Tradition in four stars


The location of the hotel allows you to easily access the main attractions of Brasov city.

Whether you want to taste the experience of visting a horse riding center, a mountain track or an ATV ride, or you want to breath the bohemian and chic air of the charming streets in the old center of Brasov, our hotel is the ideal departure point to all these destinations where you can enjoy your time in the most pleasant way.

With a modern and versatile design, the hotel meets all the conditions to offer you an ideal stay, combining the fun with pleasure, whether you are visiting us for relaxation or for bussines. With a capacity of 45 rooms, with superb views of the city or the mountains, Grand Hotel Belvedere has the great pleasure of inviting you to cross our threshold, with the solemn promise that your stay will exceed the 4 stars that the hotel owns.